FIS Invoice Class Part 1 and 2

This class will teach you to create FIS invoices for paying vendor bills at the U of O. 
It covers finding vendors and various "special case" invoices, as well as tracking the invoices you have completed. This class only covers how to process "Direct" pay invoices; invoices that are originating from either a paper Purchase Order or no Purchase Order (for example, invoices for Office Max that result from placing a phone order).

This class does not cover how to create or pay FIS Purchase Orders or FIS Encumbrances created in Banner.   Please see the course descriptions for the FIS Purchase OrdersFIS Invoices Pay Purchase Orders, and FIS Encumbrances training for more information on these classes.

This class consists of 2 sessions; each lasting 3 hours long with a 15 minute break 

Prerequisites:  Introduction to Banner and FIS Overview

Also strongly recommended:  Purchasing Rules and Regulations