FIS Financial Information System

Welcome to the University's Financial Information System (FIS).

FIS is used for entering, adjusting, and retrieving financial data and consists of five modules:

  • Accounting:  Includes the chart of accounts, system table maintenance and update, accounting transaction forms, on-line summaries and queries. and grant accounting.  You can record financial transactions and see recorded data incorporated in various on-line and printed accounting and budget summaries.  Financial data for these summaries may originate from any of the FIS modules, and adheres to generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Accounts Payable:   Includes vendor invoice payments, advances, student reimbursements, vendor history, invoice and check queries and check and direct deposit processing.
  • Fixed Assets:  Includes tracking and depreciation of fixed assets.
  • Grants:  Includes project accounting using restricted funds and grant periods rather than fiscal period.
  • Purchasing:  Includes purchase orders requisitions and the Pcard module.  Information flows automatically from purchase orders to invoice payments.
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