TWADEPO - Department Deposits

TWADEPO - Department Deposit Entry Form.

1.  Click ENTER - a system generated deposit number will appear in Deposit Number box.

2Type your Department Code in the Dept Code box - or - click on the search button to the right of the Department box.

3.  This takes you to TWVDEPT. From this list, highlight your department, and double-click.

4.  You will be taken back to TWADEPO with your Dept Code filled in.

5The Receipts Dated From: and Receipts Dated To: fields are to represent the business dates of receipts included in this deposit. To fill in these two fields, select the small calendar icons to the right of the Receipts Dated From: field.

6A pop-up calendar will appear. Select the date, and click the OK button.

7.    The date you selected will now be represented in the Receipts Dated From: field. 

Repeat steps 5-7 for the Receipts Dated To: field. You have now completed the header section of the TWADEPO form. 

Click Ctrl-PageDown or to Next block - Cursor will now be on Detail Code.

8 Type MISC into Detail Code box.

9.  Click ENTER twice - Amount box will be highlighted. Enter in the amount.

10 Click ENTER - Cursor moves to D/C box.   Enter in C for credit.   The cursor moves to the COA box, which reads B.  This is the code for the University of Oregon and should always remain B.

11.  Click ENTER - Cursor is now in Index box.  Enter in Index code.

12 Click ENTER three times. The cursor will now be in the Acct box.   Enter in the Account code.  If the deposit requires a specific Activity code, click ENTER twice after keying in the account code. The cursor will now be in the Actv  box. Enter in the Activity code.

13 When finished keying in all the data for this one line of code, press the - down arrow.  The cursor will move to the Detail Code box in the next line down.   Key in the type of payment:  

  • CASH-Cash Payments     
  • CHEK-Check Payments    
  • CARD-Bankcard Payments
  • Bank-Deposits already made to bank

14 Click ENTER twice - cursor will move to Desc box. If payment is cash or a bank slip, press - F3 - to copy name of department into Desc box.  If payment is a check, key in the name of the check issuer, and the check number.  If payment is a bankcard batch, press - F3 - to copy the name of your department, then follow it with a slash and the GB (Good Batch) number from the DCDT form.

15.  Click ENTER - Cursor moves to Amount box. Key in amount of payment .

16 Click ENTER - cursor moves to D/C box. Key in D for debit.

17.  If there are any more forms of payment, repeat the last four steps. If you have no remaining forms of payment, the numbers in the Debit Total box and the Credit Total box should be equal.

        Press F10 or save to complete the transaction.

18.  Select Options from the toolbar along the top, then Print Deposit Report.

19 A Database User Authentication window will appear. Enter you BANNER access User Name and Password . Leave the Database field blank. Click on the Submit button.

20 An Adobe Acrobat Window will open containing the document you just entered into TWADEPO.  You may print copies of it from there.