BQS Forms and How to Use Them

In the following pages, we'll be stepping through a series of procedures for requesting information on the nine BQS forms. In requests related to student information, we'll be using the imaginary student name "Adam Duckcall" to illustrate how data is displayed on the various forms. As in earlier text, we'll be identifying functions in all capital letters.

Banner Function Keys

When you select and display your first form in a BQS session, the fields in the key block are ordinarily empty. In subsequent form displays in the same session, key block information is carried forward from the preceding form. To modify information that's displayed, just type over it.

BQS forms require that you enter a student ID number or course reference number (CRN) in the key block to retrieve information for an individual student or course. If the student has more than one ID number stored in the database and you enter an earlier one, BQS replaces it with the most current one. If you do not know an ID number or CRN, you'll need to query the database for it, using some other BANNER forms. You can read how to do this in "Related Procedures."

At some point early in your dialogue with any of the BQS forms, you may see a Confidential notice above the ID block (and a window warning you of this may open when you enter an ID). If you see such a notice, the student has directed that the release of online directory information be restricted to University personnel who have a legitimate educational need, as defined earlier in the introduction, in the discussion titled "Security of Student Records."

Remember, to navigate a BQS form, use your mouse to point and click to move within the form, or execute the functions using keystrokes, or within the action menu.

When you've finished viewing the information displayed on a BQS form, you can take a number of different actions. If you wish to use the form again to retrieve similar information on another student or course, click on the ROLLBACK button to clear the data blocks and return to the key block. If you're through using the form, click on the EXIT button to return to the Query System Menu. Select another form, if you wish, or click on the exit button to leave the query menu.

  1. Displaying a Student's Personal Data: Form SQADMGC
  2. Displaying a Student's Class Schedule: Form SFAREGQ
  3. Displaying a Student's Academic History: Form SHACRSE
  4. Displaying a Student's Admission Records: Form SQAADMS
  5. Displaying a Student's Academic Profile: Form SQASTDN
  6. Displaying a Student's Degree Information: Form SQADEGR
  7. Displaying a Student's GPA Records: Form SQAGPAS
  8. Displaying a Summary of Academic Information: Form SQASMRY
  9. Displaying Course Section Data or Class Roster: Form SQASECT