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Upcoming Training Courses and Course Calendar can be Found on UO My Track:

*This link will direct the user to a duckID and password sign in and once authorized credentials are entered, the user will be directed to the upcoming course calendar.  


Generally training is required before Banner access is granted.
Training Before Access:

If an employee participated in BAO training in the past and has performed the Banner job function (invoices, jvs, time entry, travel etc.) somewhere on campus within the past year, training is optional and access can be granted upon receipt of the User Profile form.

Query access can be granted in advance of training in situations where there is a compelling business reason and a trained colleague or supervisor will provide on the job training.  This access will be removed if the user fails to participate in BAO training.

Class Information

Introduction to Banner a prerequisite to all other Banner training...
FIS Overview
Department Deposit Form (TWADEPO) HRIS Classes
  • Employee Verification
  • Overview
  • Time Entry
  • Payroll Redistributions
BANNER Query System Training
Invoices Part 1 and 2 A/R Student Accounts (TSAAREV)  
Journal Vouchers    
FIS Purchase Orders, Part 1, PO Creation    
FIS Purchase Orders, Part 2, PO Invoicing    
Advanced Accounting Queries    
Travel Part 1 and 2      
Advanced Accounts Payable Queries      
Business Expense Policies Class       
FIS Menu Layout      

If hiring, please note the training dates for FIS and HRIS Overview (*); these are pre-requisites for FIS Invoices/Journal Vouchers/Purchase Orders and HRIS Time Entry training.

How to Register:

To register visit ODT upcoming courses,


  1. Find the course and session date you wish to register for.
  2. Click the Register link on the right.
  3. Answer any questions and click the Register button.

Other Training Questions?

FIS, HRIS, AR, Deposits, Travel and Accounts Payable
Brian Strait 346-62387

Jim Blick 6-3246 

Training Videos

Introduction to Banner video playlist