Banner Access


  1. User submits a completed original BANNER Access Form to the Banner Clerk at Information Services.  The form must include the signature of the employees Dean, Department Head or Director.

  2. Information Services verfies employment status and the name of the Dean Department Head/Director,  and checks to see if an account exists before creating an account.

  3. Information Services establishes the Banner account for the user, notifies the user, and files the form (at Information Services).

  4. User registers and attends all required BANNER training.
  5. User submits an access form to the appropriate security officer (FIS/HRIS Michael Walsh 6-1117, SIS Jim Blick 6-3246). These forms are available below.  The forms must include the signature of the employees Dean, Department Head or Director.
  6. Security Officer grants requested access.
  7. User launches BANNER at using a supported web browser.

Note: Non-Employees who require BANNER Access should fill out and submit the UO ID Request for Non-Employees form.

Student Employees:

Student employee's can be trained and granted Banner query access.

Students are generally not permitted to perform the following business functions:

  1. Invoice entry
  2. Travel reimbursement
  3. Time entry
  4. Student Account Updates
  5. Purchase Order entry

These functions are best performed by full time business professionals because they

  • Commit university funds and have a complex set of rules and best practices,
  • Are time sensitive and generate many questions, and
  • Entail educating other faculty and staff about compliance issues.

Temp Agency Personnel

Generally temp agency personnel are not permitted to have a Banner account because there is no employee relationship and less accountabilty for the UO Code of Responsibility for Security and Confidentiality of Records and Files.

Access to Additional BANNER Forms/Reports

For FIS, HRIS, and Student Accounts Receivable, complete the FIS/HRIS User Profile Form and submit it to Business Affairs.  If you have questions or wish to schedule training contact Michael Walsh 6-1117.

For SIS complete the BANNER Student System Access Request and submit it to the Registrar's Office. See also, the Registrar's Office System Access and Training website 

For Job Scheduling access see Job Scheduling Access Request Form at .  Additional Job Scheduling resources are located at the Job Scheduling website at

Forgotten Password

Banner passwords can be changed in person, by bringing a UO staff ID to 151 McKenzie Hall, or via fax with the form at

How Access is Terminated

Every Thursday a job is run that locks BANNER accounts, terminates certain Duckweb roles and terminates IDR Cognos access if,

a. the employee record was terminated in previous week and no BAF received, or

b. an OUS employee record was terminated in previous week and no BAF received, or

c. temporary or student employees have not been paid in 38 days and no BAF received.

If the person submits a new BAF to the Information Services, the appropriate security officer(s) are notified.  They then review the user's access, modify it if their current job status warrants it, and notify the Information Services if the account should be unlocked.

Student employees lose their BANNER access unless they submit a new BAF to the Information Services by the second Monday of each new term.

Employees that changes jobs at UO lose their BANNER access unless the hiring department submits new BAF to the Information Services.  The hiring department must also resubmit a new FIS/HRIS User Profile Form to the BAO for FIS or HRIS access, or the BANNER Student System Access Request to the Registrar's if SIS access is needed.

Each year SIS, HRIS, FIS and Accounts Receivable access is audited by the Registrar and the BAO.  A memo is sent to each department and access is removed unless the memo is returned indicating that access is still required.

Technical Questions

Microcomputer Services at (541) 346-4412 or email